Working Time

Monday – Friday 9.00 – 17.00

Incident Reporting

Incidents, Phishing, Malware, or Vulnerabilities.

Incident Handling

•Detection(Incident reported/detected)

•Triage(Incident assessed,categorised, prioritised& queued)

•Analysis(Research on what happened/who’s affected)

•Incident response (Actions taken to resolve incident)

Emergency Contact


National Communications Authority
NCA Tower
Airport City, Accra

Email :

Welcome to NCA CERT

In response to the gravity of the cyber security needs of Ghana, the National Communications Authority, the regulator for the communications industry, has setup a computer emergency response centre to respond to incidents within the sector and provide a platform for information sharing to enhance the safety of the communications industry. The NCA-CERT has as its primary constituency, licensed operators within the communications sector and their subscribers.

NCA-CERT works with the National CERT to coordinate incidents within the communications sector.
The Authority is expected to work with its constituents to infuse cyber security best practices into its regulatory and licencing regimes.

“Ensuring a safer communications environment”



NCA is the regulatory body for the communications industry in Ghana.
The Authority was established in 1996.

  • Incident Management
  • Analysis
  • Information Assurance
  • Situational Awareness
  • Communications and Outreach
  • Capability Development
  • Research and Development

Meet Our Team

  • Duty Officer

    Duty Officer
    •Takes care of all incoming incident reports
    •Carry out periodic or ad hoc activities dedicated to this role

  • Triage Officer

    Triage Officer
    •Deal with all incident reports that are escalated to him/her by the duty officer
    •Prioritizes the incident reported to ascertain the validity and assigns an incident handler according to the triage process.
    •Control and monitor the whole incident.

  • Incident Handler

    Incident Handler
    •Deals with the incidents and its related investigations
    •Analyzing data, creating workarounds, resolving the incident and communicating clearly about the progress he has made to his triage officer and constituent(s)

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