Incident Management
• Incident handling, analysis, mitigation, and recovery
• Receiving and coordinating response to incidents

• Analysis of capabilities and effects of malware, vulnerabilities, threats, exploits, spam
• Analysis of data, systems and devices to toward prevent or response to cyber security incidents

Information Assurance
• Risk Assessment and compliance assessment (including baselines/benchmarks, standards, tracking/monitoring, testing, and recommendation)
• Support for organization operations, policies, business continuity and disaster recovery (for NCA as an organization)

Situational Awareness
• Improve stakeholder understanding and awareness of status and cyber security landscape (e.g. threats and vulnerabilities)
• Develop metrics, measurements and other data collection regarding cyber security

Communications and Outreach
• Cyber security awareness, policy (technical, operations, legal) advisement

Capability Development
• Identify, establish, execute, and analyse organizational goals and metrics in training/education, professional/skills development, mentoring, development of education and training materials, and delivery of content, sharing lessons and other technical advice (e.g. engineering and tools development), exercises, and drills.

Research and Development
• Develop methods, tools and approaches for discovery, analysis and remediation for cyber security attacks, threats, vulnerability and exploits.
• Develop and improve processes and technologies for gathering and correlating cyber security information and data
• Development of tools, technologies and processes to improve cyber security operations